Hi there! I’m mermaid Crystal, a mermaid located in the Netherlands. Want to hire a mermaid for your event, party, commercial etc? Be sure to contact me.

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Mermaid Faline

See this lovely mermaid? She’s from the Netherlands as well! She also created her own top and is rocking it! Her page hasn’t got a lot of followers..

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Purple tail test

Testing out my self-made purple tail. I will add green fringe along the fluke as well when I have time. 🙂

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California Just Banned SeaWorld From Breeding Orcas In Captivity

Incredible good news! Now I hope this will be an example worldwide, and for other animals such as dolphins as well. 🙂

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Timeline Photos

Behind the scenes from an underwater photoshoot a while ago. Enjoying the sun when I just got out of the cold water. #mermaid #mermaidcrystal..

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Timeline Photos

How many pictures does it take to get a good one? Well, this many when I’m with my best friend @mermaid_abigail #bestfriends #bff #mermaidcrystal..

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